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North Hill is an older neighborhood in Pensacola, Florida with unique architecture. North Hill is one of the largest residential historic districts in the State of Florida and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It contains more than 400 historic homes built between 1870 and the 1930’s.  A stroll through our tree lined streets reveals a literal outdoor museum of architectural treasures from Queen Anne, Neoclassical, Tudor Revival, Craftsman Bungalow, and Mediterranean Revival to Art Moderne.  It is protected by zoning regulations and governed by the City of Pensacola Architectural Review Board to ensure the preservation of its distinctive architectural character and compatibility of future development.

The North Hill District enjoys a strong sense of community pride, not only in preserving our historic homes, but in preserving a quality of life enjoyed for well over 130 years. North Hill is a place where families of all types are made welcome and where neighbors get to know their neighbors. 

North Hill sits on a “Hill” NORTH of downtown Pensacola.  The homes are located on a ridge of high land overlooking historic downtown Pensacola. Its history is rich, from battlefield to preservation district, and all points in between.

North Hill Pensacola homes are unique. Pensacola’s historic North Hill is located near downtown and East Hill.  Historic North Hill Pensacola, has many diverse architectural styles.

At the start of the 20th century, another group of Chicago architects was at the forefront in the devlopment of a distinctive midwestern residential mode know as the Prairie Style. The acknowledged leader and spokesman of the movement and the architect who produced the most noteworthy examples was Frank Lloyd Wright. The architect of the style consciously rejected currently popular academic revival styles and sought to create buildings that reflect the rolling midwestern prairie terrain on which they were to be built. As a restult, the Prairie house had a horizontal appearnace with a broad hipped or gabled roof and widely overhanging eaves. Often the roof was penetrated by a large, plain rectanglular chimney. Windows were usually casements arranged in horizontal ribbons. One story porches or porte cocheres, wall and terrances often extended from the main structure of the house and further emphasized its horizontal appearance. Achitects working in this style represent a major achievement, one of international importance, in American architectural development (Source: . “What Style is it? – A Guide to America National Trust For Historic PreservationArchitecture.” ISBN 0-471-14434-7).

The Greek Revival home is located in the North Hill Preservation District. The district is made up of 55 blocks of magnificent old family homes which were built “on the hill” to take advantage of the elevation and the cooling summer breezes from the Bay. Many of the homes were built during the booming lumber days of Pensacola when the influential citizens of the day wanted to be isolated from the noisy downtown area often plagued by drunken sailors and roudy lumbermen(Source: Pensacola News Journal . “North Hill: Visions of Yesterday”. Sept. 5, 1980.)

The Queen Anne style home were usually built in late 1800s. The style described buildings that were inspired by transitional architecture of the pre-Georgian period when classical ornament was grafted onto buildings of basically medieval form. As in the home at 620 North Barcelona, huge medieval-type chimneys were common. The roof is gabled with second -story projections borrowed from French chateaux. The gable ends are ornamented with stylized relief decoration. The porches opens the house to the outdoors. The picturesque effects of the Queen Anne style were employed to the best advantage in substantial, free-standing residences. The North Hill Preservation District has many excellent examples of this style. (Source: National Trust For Historic Preservation. “What Style is it? – A Guide to American Architecture.” ISBN 0-471-14434-7).

Alabama Square on DeSoto and Reus Street was part of Andrew Jackson’s original layout of the city. The city was designed so that a park would be no more than six blocks from any residence. The park was restored and refurbished recently by the North Hill Preservaton Association. (Source: Pensacola News Journal. “Facelift-City Refurbishes Alabama Square”. Nov. 10, 1975.) The square is the central park for the North Hill Preservation District.  The park benches are popular spots in the park. There is a  childrens area.

The Turner shop is located at 815 North Baylen Street. It was built in 1896 by Charlie Hill Turner as a residence for his sister and brother-in-law as a mirror image of his house which is next door. His grandson, Bill Turner, turned the house into an antique shop and lives in the original house. Over the years, the original house has had parts added on, so the two houses don’t look exactly alike anymore, but the resemblance is still there. (Source: Pensacola News Journal.Turner house remains in family.March 28, 1992.) 

The Turner Shop is located on Baylen Street in the North Hill Preservation District, adjacent to downtown Pensacola. The shop is located on the west side of Baylen Street. The Victorian home dates from the 1870’s and is a significant contributing structure with lavish detailing. The lots in North Hill are large compared to those in the Seville Historic District.

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North Hill is close to downtown Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, close to  the Pensacola Regional Airport and within minutes to shopping, hospitals, restaurants, etc. 

For those families and kids interested in a volleyball league, be sure to check out Pensacola’s volley ball league called the Lizards which my daugher, Paige Spencer use to belong to when she was a teenager.

Pensacola has several dog parks.  There is a large and small dog park located in the Vickery Center.

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This area is also close in proximity to Pensacola State CollegeCordova MallPensacola Airport  (for those who have to travel alot for their profession; the close proximity relieves alot of stress), and the area is centrally accessible for the various Medical Facilities such asSacred Heart HospitalWest Florida HospitalMedical Center ClinicWoodlands Medical Center and Baptist Hospital

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