Downtown Pensacola has wonderful Five Star to casual bistros providing such wonderfully diverse eating pleasures. Close to downtown is East Hill and North Hill. Click here for Calender of Events!

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Jeannette Spencer specializes in residential sales of Downtown Pensacola real estate and historic Pensacola homes, as well as, Commercial properties of the downtown area.

rare find in Historic Downtown Pensacola – a large undeveloped lot in an elevated area located in a Prime Location on 600 E Government St. It is for sale $190,000.  The lot’s dimensions are 68 FF by 127.5 depth. Located in downtown’s Historic District – undeveloped large lot approximately 22 feet higher in elevation from Romano St – East Government St’s cul-de-sac location. This wide undeveloped lot is in a prime historic location downtown.. This lot has WATERVIEW of Pensacola Bay and Veterans Memorial.

This lot can be commercial or residential with the City zoning HR-1, which allows for a single or two-family (duplex) residence OR the lot may also be mixed use which means: 60% commercial and 40% residential.  As mixed use property; up to 60% of the home can be commercial with up to 2 non-family members as employees. Please note that zoning ordinances can change daily so please verify all data prior to closing. Division of the lot must be approved by the Planning Board and the City Council. The exterior elevations must be approved by the Architectural Review Board. You can build in the HISTORIC DISTRICT with new construction energy efficiency. Nearby downtown parks and restaurants with retail shops intermingled. Considered premier location for downtown.


Be sure to check with The City of Pensacola’s development department for any changes.

 MARITIME PARK IS HERE! Downtown is also underway with the 27+ acre waterfront Park consisting of a Retail Shops, Offices, and an outdoor park for multi functions.  Pensacola loves our new baseball park with the BLUE WAHOOs playing.

HIGH TECH PARK  is also under development downtown on government land south of the Pensacola Civic Center and adjacent to IHMC’s  (Institute of Human Machine Cognition Center) Park to serve as a location for larger and more established technology businesses.

ADMIRAL MASON POND is done.  It enhances the Veteran’s Memorial and is a focal point upon entering the downtown district. It functions as a “hidden” water retention pond for any water run off for the new developments downtown. Although it functions as a storm retention pond, the location at the corner of 9th avenue and Romano will be an attraction with its design to incorporate a great exercise loop with its long perimenter to appeal to walkers, strollers, and runners with the beautiful vista of spraying fountains.

The collaborative efforts has been between the City, County, Chamber and Federal Government to improve the gateway to our downtown’s core.